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"Change will not come if we wait for some other person or some other time. We are the ones we've been waiting for. We are the change that we seek." ~ President Barack Obama

Our Veterans, Our Future.

PrideAmerica® is a nationwide program launched by CallSource. Its goal is to help America reclaim and retain its role as the world's economic leader. Just as the strength of a nation rests upon the collective talents, skills, and knowledge of its people, the strength of its economy depends upon a highly educated and productive workforce.

PrideAmerica's first focus is on helping our military veterans. These American heroes have much to offer to our civilian workforce. They understand dedication, sacrifice, teamwork, leadership, and loyalty. Despite this, unemployment among veterans is alarmingly high. It seems that service to our country has cost our heroes their place in line for civilian jobs. This is unacceptable. With your help, we can do something about it.

CallSource pledges to continue to hire veterans and to offer free use of our Learning Management System and eLearning content for veterans and their spouses seeking employment in the civilian workforce. We have enlisted the help of numerous organizations who have pledged to hire veterans and to encourage other businesses to do the same.

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We will work to train and educate America's workforce to meet the needs of 21st century companies and ensure that America remains competitive on a global level.

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We are dedicated to the creation of a competitive U.S. workforce that embraces our nation's heroes.

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We're dedicated to providing veterans with the latest resources to aid in their transition to civilian life.

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Take a look at the training and other resources PrideAmerica has to offer you. Commit to our free training programs and we will commit to helping you connect with an employer who needs your skills.

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If you'll hire veterans or their spouses, we'll train them for you at no cost. If you have training content you are willing to contribute, we'll add it to our catalog of free courses.

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If you have training materials of value to veterans entering the civilian workforce, or can train, mentor, or offer any assistance to veterans and their spouses, please let us know. We are an all-volunteer organization and welcome your assistance.

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