The transition back into civilian life can be challenging, especially for veterans seeking to establish new civilian careers - many find themselves behind their peers in terms of employment experience and training.  If you will hire them, CallSource will train and mentor them for you.
Through PrideAmerica, CallSource pledges to:
  • Continue to hire veterans throughout our own company.
  • Introduce veterans to varius industries and provide employement opportunities.
  • Link veterans seeking jobs with organizations looking to hire disciplined, qualified, and tested leaders.
  • Train veterans, at no charge, with multifamily job skills, using CallSource technology and content, as well as coaches and mentors from within our company and within the industry.
  • Offer the CallSource Results Platform to track veterans' training progress, and serve as an Intranet for communication and a "virtual resume" for veterans seeking employment.
We will work to train and educate America's workforce to meet the needs of 21st century companies and ensure that America remains competitive on a global level. 
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